My ONYX All in One Suspension & Resistance Training Set Includes: Bodyweight Strength Suspension Straps Kit | 5 Exercise Loop Bands | Wall Ceiling Mount Anchor | Workout Guide for Home & Gym

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Manufacturer Description

My ONYX All In One Suspension & Resistance Training Set offers everything you will need to perform your bodyweight strength & resistance training!

Suspension Training is a good solution for developing strength, muscle mass, endurance and does not need much space.

The Resistance Loop Band works on strength, stability, and mobility of the key muscles used in running.

Listed below are some of the benefits of bodyweight workouts:
? Suitable for all levels - To make the system harder, you simply change the level of your body position. The lower you go, the more difficult the exercise.
? Hits both aerobic and anaerobic systems - When training, you are getting both a muscular and a cardiovascular workout. The faster you train, the more aerobic the exercise becomes.
? Low impact - Suspension training is extremely low impact, making it very user friendly on your joints.
? Core centric - Due to the instability factor, every single exercise is a core exercise.
? Unilateral training - the suspension system makes it easy and safe to work a single side of your body in isolation.

This Suspension & Resistance Training Set Contains:
? 2 Suspension Trainer Resistance Straps
? 1 Extension Strap
? 1 Padded Doorway Anchor
? 1 Wall Ceiling Mount Anchor
? 1 Waterproof Carry Bag
? 1 Suspension & Resistance Workout Guide

? 5 Tube Loop Bands
????? Yellow - X-Light
????? Red - Light
????? Green - Medium
????? Blue - Heavy
????? Black - X-Heavy

Product Features

? YOUR ULTIMATE BODYWEIGHT & RESISTANCE TRAINING SET - This kit contains everything you will need for suspension training and resistance workouts! It includes two straps that attach to a center anchor point, a soft door anchor, a wall ceiling mount anchor, 5 resistance loop bands and a workout guide all stored in a carry bag. ? HIGH QUALITY BODYWEIGHT RESISTANCE TRAINER - Durable and adjustable Suspension trainer strap bands made of high quality Polypropylene webbing with comfort grip rubber handles and foot cradles which provide a secure, comfortable, sweat resistant hold. ? VARIOUS ANCHORING SOLUTIONS -The single point utility strap anchor allows you to use any anchor point including tree limbs or pull up bars. The Trainer system includes a solid high-quality steel Wall Ceiling Mount Anchor which can be easily anchored to walls or ceiling allowing you to workout indoors or outdoors. This kit also includes a doorway anchor with extra padding to protect your door frame allowing you to attach the unit to any sturdy door turning it into a training station. ? PREMIUM QUALITY GYM BANDS: 5 level fitness loops X-Light (yellow), Light (red), Medium (green), Heavy (blue) and X-Heave (black) made of 100% natural latex. Often used for various types of stretching, glute or squat workouts, strength training or sports programs such as Yoga or Pilates but are also ideal for Physical Therapy as they are great for rehabilitation from leg, knee or back injuries. ? GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: We stand 100% behind our products and are confident that you will enjoy your Total Resistance Exercise set. However, in case you are not fully satisfied please feel free to contact us!

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