Mantra Sports Pilates Ring Magic Fitness Circle - Exercise Resistance Equipment Toning & Sculpting Inner/Outer Thighs-Improve Core Power Strength, Flexibility & Posture-Workout Poster & Bag

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The Coquet Joli Slimmer, Ab Toner & Muscle Definer With A Single Piece of Pilates Equipment.

Unlike other fitness gadgets that only work one or two muscle groups, the Mantra Sports SuperFit Circle lets you exercise your upper body, lower body and core for greater overall body tone and conditioning. We maximized the resistance properties of our fitness circle so that those slow, controlled movements push your muscles harder and bring about quicker muscle definition and toning.

Prenatal Pilates Workout

The low impact nature of Pilates make is perfect for pregnancy, as it targets the tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints. Pilates exercises can work well for you during pregnancy and we do know for certain that exercise is good for you during pre and post-pregnancy.

Everything, Everywhere, Anytime

The 14” Pilates SuperFit Circle has 2 non-slip, foam-padded handles on both the inside and outside of the ring so that you can work your inner and outer thighs, in addition to providing superior comfort for ankles, chest and hand strengthener. With this versatile exercise accessory, you can add strength to your body, boost your stamina and achieve your weight loss goals regardless of where you are. The Mantra Sports SuperFit Circle is lightweight and portable enough to travel in your carry-on bag for business trips and vacations and is suitable for both men and women. You can even tone while reading, in front of the TV or in your work cubicle.

Get started immediately with a FREE poster-size wall chart

These full-color illustrations and instructions outline exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

Add the Mantra Sports Pilates SuperFit Circle to your cart today to get full-body training for less than the cost of ONE MONTH at the gym.

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Product Features

? PORTABLE PILATES RING FOR EASY WORKOUTS ANYWHERE: The Mantra Sports exercise ring has a 14 inch diameter and weighs less than a pound, making it ideal for lightweight travel inside any backpack, luggage, or its own nylon carry bag. ? VERSATILE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FOR NATURAL BALANCE AND POSTURE: Originally designed by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Ring makes exercises more effective by isolating muscles in the chest, back, abs, arms, and legs to build a stronger core for better balance. ? MODERATE RESISTANCE TRAINING WITHOUT HEAVY WEIGHT LIFTING: Use the magic circle for a pre-workout warm-up or a post workout stress reliever. Dual EVA foam pads on the inner and outer ring provide a non-slip grip for a safer, injury-free workout. ? IDEAL EXERCISE TOOLS FOR PREGNANCY, PHYSICAL THERAPY, AND ELDERLY CARE: Our fitness rings can be a posture corrector and abdominal muscle toner for pregnant women and the elderly, and can also help regain muscle tone and strength after injury or surgery. ? STEP-BY-STEP EXERCISES ON WALL POSTER: Your purchase of a Mantra Sports Pilates Ring comes with a huge, 23 x 33 inch guide that shows 30 workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, with start and end positions to ensure the right form.

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