BONK FIT High Performance Polyurethane Kids Inflatable Punching Bag Bop Toy PVC-Free Machine Washable Designer Cover + 1 Year Mfg Warranty

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Manufacturer Description

Ready to get your kid to put down the electronics or step away from the TV? Bonk Fit has your answer! This American-made bop bag has revolutionized the bop toy industry. HOW? Easy, Bonk Fit has created the ultimate playing (and learning) experience: colorful, expressive characters standing 3 feet tall that kids love to interact with - feed them, hug them, tumble them, and even learn positive messages from the Real Hero characters! Plus they NEVER QUIT, and always bounce back for more!

WHY IS THIS BOP BAG BETTER? This is the strongest bop toy on the market. Now, with a POLYURETHANE inflatable (the same material used in air mattresses) built kid tough (and kid tested), its HIGH PERFORMANCE and stronger than all the rest, meaning its meant to last! Plus, it comes with a 1 YEAR MFG WARRANTY! Because of its durability, Bonk Fit bop bags make the perfect gift: Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, or any occasion, and can be passed down to kid #2 (or 3).

IT GETS BETTER - your kids won't even know they are GETTING A WORKOUT, all while burning off that excess energy from their busy day. THE BEST PART: this is the only bop toy with a soft, form-fitting, removable, MACHINE-WASHABLE COVER. Feels more like an interactive plush than an old-school bop bag. Stains or spills? No problem, just remove the cover, toss and wash!

Bonk Fit is also USA-MADE! The only one of its kind developed, produced, and packaged right here in the USA (By a WOMAN-OWNED COMPANY) helping keep jobs local, so you can feel good about your kids playing with it for years to come.

Available in Wildlife Animals, Real Heroes, & Mascot series, your child (or you and your friends) are sure to find a favorite!

*Easy to Assemble: Add 5 pounds of weight (play-sand, dried rice, kitty litter - use your imagination!) Inflate with basic pump until firm. Weight and pump not included.

Product Features

INCREASE EXERCISE: Watch your kids and grandkids put the electronics down and get physically fit with award-winning characters who are ready for rough-and-tumble play. Kids have so much fun they don't even realize they're working out and burning off that excess energy - perfect for recess, gym, or indoor exercise on those rainy days! 1 YEAR WARRANTY: The sturdiest bop toy on the market! Made from high performance POLYURETHANE (same material used to make air mattresses). Bonk Fit is not your average inflatable punching bag. It's durable, kid tough, and guaranteed to last. The perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter or any occasion for getting kids to move. MACHINE WASHABLE: The only inflatable bop bag toy with a slip-on, sturdy, fabric cover you can toss in the laundry! Stains or spills? No problem, simply remove the cover, toss, and wash! And, it's even preshrunk! The cover is made from soft poly micro-fiber (same material to make workout shirts) AWESOME DESIGNS: Fun, new, and cool characters stand 3 feet tall and are ready for physical play. Bonk Fit is great for boys and girls, ages 2 and up. Box them, bounce them, or tumble them. The best part is they always bounce back for another workout! MADE IN USA: The only one of its kind! Developed, produced, and packaged right here in the USA (By a WOMAN-OWNED COMPANY) proudly keeping jobs local!

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